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Based in the mountain town of McCall, Idaho we specialize in building driveways, patios, pathways using traditional interlocking concrete pavers, slabs, and permeable pavers from Belgard's range of products that are perfect for the alpine climate. We also construct dry-stack walls, firepits and outdoor living spaces. We are ICPI certified.

Why choose pavers

Perfect for the Idaho climate

Pavers move independently, unlike poured concrete or asphalt, which can crack from ice heaves or ­invading tree roots. Pavers can survive freezing conditions without splitting or crumbling which is ideal for our cold Idaho winters.


Fully customizable designs

Every project is entirely customizable. You have several choices of styles and aesthetics to enhance the look of your home. Choose the stone, color, pattern and texture to create your perfect look.


Add value to your real estate

Paver landscaping creates warm, hardwearing, usable spaces that add value to your property. Unlike concrete, it doesn't crack. It is easy to maintain. And with a long lifespan it offers great value for money.


Good for the environment

Interlocking concrete pavers bring much-needed permeability back into our urban areas. The gaps between the pavers allow surface water to soak back into the ground. This assists in reducing surface water management issues and helps to reduce pollution in our rivers and streams.  Pavers are also reusable and recyclable.


Easy to maintain

Pavers are easy to maintain if damaged unlike poured concrete. Simply pull up the affected paver(s) and make the fix. Also, pavers can withstand some deicer over concrete or asphalt which is used in cold climates.

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